Naruto and DBZ Fight

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This is my first sprite move, so its probably not the best you'll ever see. It is a fight with Naruto and DBZ characters


its a little bit too short but i liked the way you used sprites as characters

I would have given half a star, but i see some charm in it
1: it's WAY Too short (make the naruto vs trunks fight longer)
2: kakashi would not b KOed so easily( seriously SOMEBODY FELL ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:Trunks woud of pwned naruto (unless he mastered the 9 tails' energy)

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well, the animation was ok. the motion ught to be sped up a little, and the music should be scrapped and replaced by sfx from both shows. also, i am a big fan of both shows, but there is no way that naruto could have beaten any saiyan from dragonball z, they're too overpowered. naruto keeps much better control over the power levels of the characters, but every new season on dragonball z, the newest enemy makes the last enemy literally look like child's play. the actual full nine tailed fox was described as the most powerful force of nature out there, leveling mountains with a swipe of its huge tails. but the DBZ squad regularly has planets destroyed and entire species wiped out. so no way a less-than-four-tails naruto would've beaten trunks. lol enjoy my explanation please

im sorry but what the hell!!!??

Trunks could kill Naruto *snaps my fingers* just like that!!! & this 1-sided movie is too G-Damn quick. I was thinking that I was going to watch a good movie crossover but no, I just wasted my time because for one, do you even know the capabilities of a super saiya-jin? because you made it look like Nine tailed Naruto pwned trunks Flawless victory when in actuallity, Naruto wouldn't stand a chance against Trunks. not even the great Kakashi can defeat trunks & just the fact that you let weaksauce ass Naruto beat hm, just makes me wanna irk.

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2.28 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2008
4:49 PM EST