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John The Lonely Man Xmas

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John Wishes You A Merry Xmas!

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This is better!

I'm glad you added sound to this one. Yay! And the comedy was really good. You're improving very smoothly. Now that you accomplished this much, think about adding art to the background. I know it's a lot of work for just one person but you can do it as long as you don't give up! =3

Merry christmas to you too :)

As you say, no a very good animation, but I like the way his mouth curled up on the end :) That made the whole thing for me - save!

Suggestions: Don't loop it, and get a better microphone if you can.

Keep making animations!

Quite awful.

But there is much worse, so don't be too sad. Okay, first of all, everyone likes a pre-loader - or at least a start button; so we have the opportunity to think again whether we'd really like to see this flash. Also, if you're multitasking it's nice to be able to decide when to watch a movie, not to have it be playing in the background while you're attention is elsewhere. Another thing outside the actual animation, is that it loops. Only very few animations can get away with looping, and this is certainly not one of them. Just make it stop, okay; and let us decide whether we want to watch it again or not.

To the animation: work on your drawing skills. The voice over wasn't that horrible (again, I've seen worse), but could use some consideration as well. Try letting different people do the voice over (experienced people perhaps) and do add some extra audio, like sound effects or background music. Another thing that would make this better, is if it was a tid bit more interesting and if it was longer.

All in all a fair flash, which simply needs a lot of work. I'm more than happy that this was more than just some flashy images and disturbing music, like the SPAM submissions we get around here.