Son Goku vs Prince Vegeta

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Hello everyone. This is my very first submission to Newgrounds, as well as my first Falsh sprite battle. Being a DBZ featured vid, I decided to use nothing but DBZ music lol. As always I except advice and critisism, but only as long as it is constructive and helpful. I hope you all enjoy it.

Now watch as the 2 most powerful Saiyans on Earth duke it out to see who is truely the superior Saiyan. Who will it be? Goku- Earth's Champion and Hero, or Vegeta- Prince of the Saiyan Race?

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that was great

youre simply awesome man

Awesome, but i do have a question

I first watched this flash on youtube and i was amazed at how good u were, especially since u just made it after only a month of doing flash, but my question is how come there isn't a choose a winner in this one like there is on the youtube version?

ShuhanX responds:

Thanks alot. Well you see, when I made this I had originally made it end in this fashion, with Vegeta being the victor. When I made the "choose the winner" option for youtube, I intended to make a victory for Goku, but never got around to it. So I decided to just stick with the Vegeta victory.


For a first that was a hell of a fight. If you hadn't said this was the first sprite fight of yours i never would have guessed. THAT is how a sprite battle should be. Great job. Hope to see more in the future.

ShuhanX responds:

lol, thanks alot dude. I really appreciate that. And yeah, I will definitely be submitting more in the not so distant future.

That was tight

The ending was different then what I thought it'd be. I think what was missing however, was a story to go with the fight. Some other problems I noticed wer that your logo is visible throughout the flash and that some of the voiceovers were hard to hear because the sounds were too loud. I did like the animation, though. It was reminiscent of Alvin Earthworm's style, but it was original enough for me to keep me interested. Also, for your information, one of the techniques that vegeta used belonged to piccolo ;)

ShuhanX responds:

Hehe, Hellzone Grenade right? Yeah, I know that was Piccolo's, but I couldn't resist lol. I wanted to put in as much DBZ as I could. The only reason why there is no story, is because this was simply for enjoyment, and I didn't intend to put in an actual story. But I certainly will do so, in my next vid. Plus the reason why I made the logo visible in the beginning was to help prevent people from claiming it as their own.....though there are probably still ways around that, it's still worth a try I suppose lol. And thank you very much for the advice. I appreciate it.


This is an awesome sprite animation but what is the difference between this one and the other one?? Anyway, keep up the good work!!

ShuhanX responds:

Oh, yeah see, I acidentally upoaded the same vid twice, and I have no ide how to remove it. They are the same vid, but I only intended to upload this one.

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Dec 26, 2008
11:15 PM EST