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Frohe Weihnachten

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Update- Im trying to add a flash API to it so i can have some money flow. Let me know if it works

Edit- The music is off for some reason. Im not too sure why... Im trying to fix it. I recommend watching it in medium quality unless you have a fast computer.

This is my Submission for the Christmas compilation of 2008.
The music really set this animation in good tone. I want to make sure they get full credit.
LadyArsenic was the composer and is on the account MaestroRage

So here is my Xmas submission

P.S. if you could recommend this for the christmas collection that would be great!

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We definitely both have the same idea of creepish atmospheres aye? I loved it! And the music really went well, I like it a lot!

I'm jealous of your skills muaha xP

TheSpicanator responds:

see!!! what did i say?

Good sir...

I am in LOVE with what you have done with this piece! It has the same creepy yet magnificent German fairytale appeal to it that I strive to portray in my music. =) You and I must be kindered spirits in that feeling, dear. Clearly, we see eye-to-eye. Lovely art work, and a lovely video to go with my song! Thank you kindly!

With love,
Mandi (LadyArsenic) <3

TheSpicanator responds:

well, thank you very much! We had some little story boards written out. A few were to do a small corrupt scene of the nutcracker and the rat in a huge battle. I went through plenty of music and then i stumbled upon yours, and as soon as i heard it, everything just like fell together and we got the idea of a corrupted type santa Xmas toon. We figured everyone was doing a joyful happy cartoon, so we tried a darker side, we hoped it would help our chances out. Of course it wasnt the best animation. But practice makes perfect.
Thanks for reviewing, we have an eye-to-eye like you say

Frohe Weihnachten... aber Hallo!

Very fucking cool! How do you do that awesome blur effect...?

TheSpicanator responds:

To do the blur effect change your drawing or whatever image into a movie clip.
Open up your properties menu and clip the tab filters.
There should be a little plus and minus right next to each other.
Select the plus and there will pop up a whole bunch of goodies for you to play with, there will be a blur and a glow effect. When you select the blur effect it will give you a X & Y adjustment which with the bigger number makes it more blurry.
Below those numbers will be a box, i can't remember what it says, but hte first word should be low, that will change the quality of the blur.
Anyways if you need any more help PM me, i dont mind helping at all.
THanks for watching
P.S. please recommend for xmas collection

Wow man

You have a very unique style. I love the depth of field tricks like the rack focus. The music was amazing. It kept me glued for the whole flash. My only suggestion is next time try to have more of a plot. A great story accompanied by your style would be something really badass. If you ever need a voice actor for your stuff shoot me a message.

TheSpicanator responds:

Thanks a lot man. Well we were kinda rushed getting through, but what we were originally shooting for was a mad man looking like he is building frankenstein then it turns out to be santa building a snowman. But yeah a voice actor would be great im actually going to be needing one here in a bit. Im doing a short with a conversation between two people.
If you ever need any help just hit me up

Enjoyed it

I liked the flash through and through. Some things to work on: the fire was not dramatic, it needed more work. Otherwise the animation was good. I thought you could have done more with the toys also, they were cool.
The grot with the sewed up face was awsome, good idea!
Keep submiting things, this was good.

TheSpicanator responds:

Thanks a lot, we figured that everyone would be going for a happy tone for christmas so we decided to darken it a little bit and throw in some evil things. But thanks for reviewing, if you could do me a favor and recommend it for the christmas collection that would be great. Thanks a lot for the review