Arms Control-world ends!

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Yah, I made this for History showing what would happen if we didnt have arms control..kinda depressing...anyways, enjoy! NOTE: I have nothing against Australia and am not suggesting that the current leader(whoever he may be) is a dictator. Nor am I saying that I want France bombed. DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE...oh and their skin changes color during the button pressing thing. I dont know why.

(sound may be a bit loud)


Excellent Idea for a class...

... but you need to be cautious with the simple details that can change the quality of a movie, for it can be seen from being a regular home made movie to a professional made movie. Watch stuff like voice sound and some drawings such as the globe, you can use real images if you find it hard to draw it, and careful with the pixelized sprites (explosion sprite).


Nice animation summing up the dangers of nuclear war, and almost a nice a nice message, therefore I'm not blamming it but...

I disagree entirely with your definition of "potentially dangerous" countries. So USA, UK, India, Russia, France and Pakistan AREN'T potentially dangerous countries? And, for sake of argument, Australia IS a potentially dangerous country? Dude, ANY country with nukes is a potentially dangerous country, I don't see why any of us are exempt from that classification. We should all disarm immediately if we are to guarantee the safety of human civilisation. These weapons are a threat to humanity, you show what will happen if any country uses nukes in anger in this day and age (back in'45, it was lucky - in the loosest sense of the word - that only USA had them)... Destroy them, forget about them, now is the time for diplomacy, ending this futile stalemate and getting along as a planet through fair trade, diplomatic relationships and cultural understanding, not arms escalation, paranoid tension and media propaganda.


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bad bum burp

this is absolutely terrabile im sorry but are you by any chance a crap monger

okay, but still.

sound was crap. and try to draw your own explosions. those make the movie lose quality. to pixely.

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Dec 26, 2008
6:18 PM EST