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Bad TV

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Hey everyone!

Basically, there's a guy with a scarf who walks and finds a TV and then another character SWOOPS IN FROM ABOVE and steals it and breaks it. Very frustrating experiences, these television thefts. They happen to me from time to time.

Please try to appreciate it for it's visual merit, that's what we were working on. It's not a big plot piece or anything like that.

This was a project Nick and I started up a few weeks ago, he sent me the base file with the (AWESOME) backgrounds in a similar montage to the end result, and then I added the characters and a couple more shots and stuff. It was fun.

It was a good way for us both to get something out for the winter competition; he only had THAT DAY to make his base file because of studying for exams and things, so it was cool how he could do something, and then I could pick up on it and finish it off. Its fun to work like that because it means you don't have to do everything but you still feel important. :)

The animation itself is kind of cool, I think. Haha. I like how the characters turned out, and the roughness of their lines against the super smooth, professional lines of the background. I was having a lot of fun trying out complicated movements (like when the scarfless character jumps up for the first time and swoops over) and I'm happy with the result. I really like animating characters now, its fun.

The music is awesome. Brian Mejia is great and it's a wonderful thing he's done by making his stuff available in the audio portal. I really love the song.

920 frames, 24 frames to a second.
300,000 symbols

hope you like it! Merry christmas!

Moro and Nicholas :)

PS; please put this in the christmas collection too!

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i'm gonna give this 8/10 as there was bad continuity. by that i mean that your starring characters scarf disappears at on point. but good work all the same.

Epicly good!

Very, very good. All parts are cool.

Good job.

Loved it!

I Liked the part where the awesome fell into a pit of awesome and the awesome ejected into the sky.

MorrowDays responds:

this has to be the best review we've ever gotten! :P

stop wasting my time!

I'm a busy man, I can't be watching just any old movie...
You crazy fellas and your craziness with the tv and the scarf.
I secretly loved it but don't tell yourselves. shhh... :3

MorrowDays responds:


the craziness is caused by all the crazy pills me and nick take, they keep us crazy allll the time

Wide screen problem

You have a bug problem with your wide screen the bottom tends to uncover now and and im guesing its cause you dint make the black squares big enough.

MorrowDays responds:

Its fixed now.