A Paper Mario Christmas

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Well, last night I was told by a friend "coughmastersargecough" to make a christmas short that was Mario related. It took only 5 hours into this, so it's not much, as I was informed to do this movie rather late. Enjoy!

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short , stupid, i want to blam it

Heh, pretty good

So basically Count bleck just gives him a staff so they can beat the shit out of each other? Thats... um.... Cool?

Khonjin responds:

Well actually, Count Bleck gives him the staff as a christmas present, but Mario goes and starts conflict again by attemting to kill him with it, and well...the rest is history.


I don't get the funny thing..

Khonjin responds:

What funny thing?

not bad.

if ur gonna do mario, especially paper mario, use sprites or something. it looks better.

Khonjin responds:

I believe there are about a million other people who probably disagree with you, me being one of them, but never the less, I thank you for your review. I always find drawing to look much better than spriting.

It's nice.

I like your Flash. There's a painful shortage of Paper Mario-related Flash, too.

Now, constructive critism:
I'm impressed by how you drew Count Bleck. Mario was a bit messy, but not bad. Maybe you can try to improve on drawing him a bit. For the rest, nice job.

Khonjin responds:

Thanks! Count Bleck took alot of time ad effort to draw, but he consisted of tweens.
Mario didn't take much effort to draw, however, animating him frame by fram does.
And I believe it balances things out.
Merry Christmas!

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4.42 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2008
7:57 AM EST