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Renegade Awesome Episode1

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(Artist Note: Wow. I didn't expect to see this on the front page!! I made this a long time ago. Thank you Newgrounds and Tom for supporting my habit. If you like this you can go ahead and watch episode 2 and 3 by checking out my other submissions. - Jon Etheridge - Appsro )

Renegade Awesome here,

This is the first episode in my sweet new web series called "Renegade Awesome's Movie and Game Reviews". In todays episode I review the movie, Ghostbusters. For my first v1de0, it turned out pretty sweet. It w0uld have been sweeter if my dad w0uld STFU. He's such a dweeb. Feel free to leave c0mments. I will try to respond to as many as I can while I'm not pwning n00bs on WOW or playing xbox.

I don't know what i'm reviewing next yet, so feel free to give suggestions.

-Renegade Awesome

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"Hello this is Renegade the aweshome." XD

to diablo8704

I admit, Ghostbusters was a great movie. But it doesnt matter, cuz these is HILARIOUS!

I wish my dad was like that !!!!

hahahah XD arrr damn this is funny as hell 10/10 !!! i wish my dad was that fucking Awesome !!!


my dad's like that too where he never stfu

ghostbusters is an epic movie

who cares what slimer is...it's a movie..i.e. not real..so who cares?

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4.49 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2008
2:45 AM EST