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TF2 - Soldier&Demo

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Wallpaperman and me both like Team Fortress 2 a lot so we just had to make a flash for it. This could have been finished a lot earlier, but then again it could have finished a lot later aswel. I just wanted to finish this flash before it's 2009, so here it is. Originally we were going to animate every class but we decided to keep it small. Hope you all enjoy it!

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Man that was sick. I'll have to get into tf2 again, it's such a fantastic game.

Hell no.
You could do better, specially the soldier one.
The graphics is so bad, and some animations too.
You just need improvements in animations and graphics.
I believe in you.

It looks kind of sloppy, no offense. Looks a bit too 2 d for the soldier, where it looks like he is mostly a still frame. The soldier picture in the "home" page is okay, i guess. Improvement in the graphics is what it needs.

I liked the demoman

i found the demoman to be alittle better but i liked the soldiers song!


I enjoyed Whirlguys part much better, Im sorry, but im not a fan of wallpapermans animation, so thats putting my rating down a bit.. although I enjoyed Whirlguy's part. so, 5/10 and 4/5.