Scientology Cops Ep 2

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Episode 2 of Scientology cops!

Its a Christmas special by-frickedy! well, a Xenumas special anyway! Tom, John and LRon take a break from crimebusting to sit down and enjoy a traditional Xenumas dinner (with all the trimmings!)

But will it go undisturbed?

(Also i didnt bother to animate mouths this time 1: because i wanted to get it on here BEFORE christmas and 2: Lets face it, they look terrible in the first one)

This ones a 2 parter so stay tuned for part 2 after Xmas!

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wow this is kinda dum! sorry.

Davidivesfilms responds:

Thanks, But i fail to see any animations submitted by yourself.

So maybe make one better than this and then come back?



Was there any effort put into this? The only funny thing in this crap fest is the loading screen. Sure, you might be making fun of Scientology, but everything else looks like crap.

First, all there is moving heads, there is very little animation done in this video. Not even a black circle to show mouth movement. Second, the voices are hard to hear. What makes this funny if you can't hear the jokes? Last, it's too short. Really, it was over before I knew it.

Please spend SOME time before posting another of these videos. Fix the voices, add some more movement. Try to fix the background as well.

Davidivesfilms responds:

well i am aware of the poor quality of my animation, but im pretty sure the sound is fine. I would check your headphones or speakers because i can hear it perfectly.

Also i really cant believe you took so long on insulting my cartoon. not only did you waste a minute of your life watching it, you wasted ANOTHER minute telling me how much you didnt like it. WOW.

and do you REALLY think i am going to take any of your "advise"? :

"Fix the voices, add some more movement. Try to fix the background as well."

I think you need to fix your speakers/headphones/brain

and about the shortness...its half of a 2 parter. it does say.

no way

you can't tell what anyone is saying, and it is in no way funny. boo.

Davidivesfilms responds:

Wow its amazing how everyone on Newgrounds thinks they know it all. Usually i only comment on a cartoon...if i like it. I think its really funny when people attempt to give you advise on better cartoon making. I make these things for my own amusment and i couldnt really give a shit if you didnt like it.

Boo yourself


i still can't stop laughing omg

Davidivesfilms responds:

Thanks a lot for the high score and nice comment. Much appreciated

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Dec 24, 2008
10:55 AM EST
Comedy - Original