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Called moving company

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Prank call to a moving company, I call this guy like everyday, so I started recording it.
Let me know if you want more vote high lol


Not Bad

Pretty funny stuff it was really funny but there could've been a little bit cut out as there were some parts that didn't have much to them but it was pretty funny.
Just need to cut out some of the audio as it's not really interesting and could loose people's interest but not bad also at the beginning the old mic was sorta annoying.
Really funny video just drags out a little to much but it was good I like these.

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Haha this is awesome keep calling him !

herblin responds:

Thanks man! it's cool to see people like this haha!

I am getting super paranoid about this guy finding his calls on Newgrounds and Youtube and tracking me down ahah! he's fucking crazy!

made me laugh

This was actually pretty funny, i like how you start out all buddy buddy with the guy and insulting him and he doesnt even understand half the shit your saying to him. lol

herblin responds:

Hahahaha, yeah man! Thanks ahaha, I call him like everyday haha, so it's like he knows me now. The other day I called him and he knew it was me right away...

I was pretending I had an office to move, and he's like... you sound like someone I know.... is this that guy? what did you say your name was?

Hahah he gets so worked up! thanks for the 7 man!

It's alll right...

But shouldn't this be in the audio portal?

herblin responds:

Thanks for the 8 man, yeah I submitted it to the audio portal,but it has to be reviewed, and newgrounds staff being faggotts didn't allow it (Tom Fulp is a big time faggott)

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2.76 / 5.00

Dec 24, 2008
8:12 AM EST
Comedy - Original