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No Escape episode 1

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the story-
a man named Rig fell asleep in his bed one night, he awoke at 3 am only to find he is in a place he had never been before. he see's a creature in the form of a human.. but it's too dark to tell. the mysterious man had walked up to him handed him a handgun with one bullet in it, saying "you will need this." then the things get darker and the mysterious man is gone.. but rig seems to be somewhere else now, what looks like an old abandoned city that Rig has seen too many times in his nightmares. he then starts to panic, hitting himself hoping it is just a nightmare but realizing that he feels pain..He is LIVING his nightmare, he turns his head left and right trying to look at where he is, he realizes where he is and he wondered where his "sword" is that he always seemed to have in his nightmares. he realized that he would soon encounter the demons that he has seen in his nightmares too...he then stands up. (and the flash takes place after he stands up)

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well... good.

yea i know u can make better. just make better graphics so it's better a LOT.

FEAR25X responds:

ok i will :) thanks for the review

It was ok

I feel that it had alot of work put into it but it needed more keep going at it and you will do better.

FEAR25X responds:

thanks for the review ^.^ and im putting more work into the next episode..im just going tor emake episode 2


Drawings seemed a bit out of proportion, and animation could've been smoother, you may want to try a higher frame rate in your next animation, also, don't forget to use the onionskin option located under the timeline to see what was in the previous frame.

FEAR25X responds:

thanks for the review :) and i'll make a higher frame rate next time, the animation didnt seem choppy to me lol

a bit of

maybe a bit more better drawings coudent really get into it much cause f the choppiesh movements and a name for the shadow demons (if anything higher then them in a list of badness) shadow minions and if they are high up there the darkness


You couldve put wayyy more effort into, the thing isnt to make a good movie as fast as u can, the thing is to plan it out, get every detail steady, put the worst away, and put more commitment and dedication into ur work

FEAR25X responds:

umm idid put effort into it..but then i lost interest :/ and about a month later (today) i found the file and made an ending and uploaded it