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Adventures In Partying

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Author Comments

Blue Zombie Clock is a party animal

http://www.clockcrew.cc/t alk/showthread.php?t=8246 1

Yeah, so yesterday we were celebrating my 18th birhday (which is actually coming in only a week). I arrived around 9pm, surprised to see there were already like 40 people there. There was screaming and cheering and I was having beer shoved into my face faster than I could drink.

Fast forward to 11pm :

Alright, so by now I'm fairly drunk, people are yelling, dancing, having sex in closets (yes, I swear) and smoking weed. Everyone was having a great time, including me. I decided to go check out a room, and there were a bunch of people including some I don't know passing around joints, so they urge me in to help them out. I can't say no to that. So I go in, smoke up for about 5 minutes, when some guy I don't even know comes in and says 'Fucking Police! Throw that shit by the window!' So we grab the baggies and buckets and throw them out the window on the balcony, we exit the room, and we got two fucking cops going all crowd control on our asses. They told everyone to leave. We all got our coats on and gathered up outside, everyone wasted as hell. I didn't realise how many people we were until I saw the mass crowd outside. The polica came outside and saw us, they were obvious a little bit intimidated because we were pissed the fuck off at them for shitting this up for us. They told us to leave, and I told everyone we would leave. Obviously NOT. We take a long walk around the block until the patrol car leaves the appartment. I tell you, we looked like a drunken midnight parade. It was pretty sweet.

We get back, and the cops aren't there. We all rush back in, and the party starts over again. It seemed like the smart thing to do. Everyone started smoking and drinking more, grinding, partying, all that. 30 minutes later, the two nice police men decide to visit once more, and this time grabbed a hold of the host of the party. He got a 200$ fine, and a probation from having anybody ever come over again, on risk of another fine. What the FUCK?

Anyways, everyone at the party is all going to chip in for the fine so it'll cost everyone nothing

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You had the decency...

...to describe everything you were saying in the author comments. That still, however, did not stop this from being fairly annoying. I have always learned that you need to have details show rather than tell if you truly want credit for it. It was also a bit annoying with how you waited so long to actually show us what the cartoon was! Yes, people, there is in fact a scene after he's done typing that shows some stuff he did. Even then, it's not that rewarding but it is something.

I wish the entire submission had simply been that and nothing else. Next time, please work on not repeating things you explicitly state in the author's comments. Congradulations on managing to have such a high rating on this. The most enjoyable part was probably hearing that good song at the end. Is this based on a true story?


Shitty flash, shitty failure flash artists that whine about me telling the truth.

PatriotClock responds:

this flash took more people to make than you've met in your entire life x100

Interesting story

The story was okay but there was almost no animation featured in this.
Try better.
I can't believe this was a winner for the month on clock crew.

Kickass dude.....

this is a flash of epic magnitude! Like an earthquake of awesome brah!