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Tortoise Be Happy

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WARNING: The following tale is very slow, so you may well find it boring..... hopefully not.

Well, I worked hard to get this finished by xmas, and I just about managed it. But seriously, this thing is 5 mins - that's the longest thing I've ever done! It was partly a test of many things - using abstract backgrounds, filters ect.... Also to see if I could make something suitable for all. It's also an excuse to use some kick-ass music which I loved. I was quite happy with the way it turned out, but I felt that perhaps it was still a bit too slow. Ah, well. So be it. Ya.
Try to watch it until the end, 'cause it does have a cheesy moral.
Hope ya like, and try to refrain from reviews that say - 'it was boring', because it's supposed to be.
Have fun, and drive safe.

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It has a great message behind and... hey i LOVE turtles! :-)

CSanimations responds:


good story

not too good with the graphics, and he only came across one animal. i was sorta expecting him to meet up with a bunch of flying animals, who all tell him how good it is to fly. and a tortoise floating in the air dosen't make much sense. however, I liked the moral in this and it would be good for a children show (as Korriken said)
this is different from most things you see on newgrounds, and maybe, you can write a story about it, rather than a movie. keep up the good work!

CSanimations responds:

Yeah, if I'd had time I would of built up the story a bit more. Thanks for such a constructive review.



CSanimations responds:


yay! The tortoise is happy.

Great message, and a great flash, keep it up!

CSanimations responds:


Good message

It had a great message behind it unlike a lot of newgrounds videos.
But there was 2 things wrong with it
1 It was super slow
2 It didnt make much sense in both literally and in a story telling sense
3 Graphics
I will explain in depth about these problems

1 Cut out or speed up the walking scenes they were tiring and unsuitable for the mass majority of newgrounds who want either fast paced, funny jokes, or vagina in their videos.

2 literally- Why was he flying?
Story telling- There was a long slow intro then a couple lines from a wasp followed by a longer walk then he starts talking to the sun, the second longer walk was unnecessary. Also in most childrens books (looks like you were aiming for that) after the wasp the turtle would have talked to say a humming bird or something.

3 I didn't care for the hastily drawn graphics, mostly just the backgrounds that were incomplete and had white spots. If you were intending to leave it that way on purpose -ok, but it didn't work well

Please write a response I am always interested in what authors have to say and and sometimes they prove me wrong

CSanimations responds:

Well, the point of the whole thing is that it's done at the tortoise's pace, slow and... yes boring.
As for devolping the story, yeah, I would have built up the emphisis of the lack of flight and speed if I'd had time - good point. I thought that the 'flying' explained itself, 'cause he was in like.... heaven! Or somthing along those lines.
The backgrounds were simplistic to put focus on the characters - although, yeah - they were a bit patchy. I was just getting used to ArtRage.
Thanks for the costructive review.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2008
8:06 AM EST

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