War of Da suitcases

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The end begins when the evil sexy cat attacks planet earth then epic space battle
it's done in the same style of FWS 1 ver half assed sorry if don't like it song is
Kiss me deadly by Reel Big Fish


very awesome

This is a very good video but it would have been nice to have better music, maybe a better artist and i cant wait to see the next one. there is a next one right?

Wasn't as good as the first one...

Somehow, the shoddy fast paced movement of the random animations MADE this great and was not in this one. Good choice in music in both. For whatever you do next though keep it a bit faster like the 1st one.

Way better than it has any right to be.

For some reason I found this hilarious. Probably just as a byproduct of the automatic timing. Some frames, it was a bit of a strain to read the text that quickly, but hey, it worked for Yahtzee.

Even though I have no idea who these characters are and there's not much we (the audience) could learn about them in the space of a few seconds, the drawings allowed a bit of personality to shine through, and there's a certain "party of four" element introduced by giving each of the characters equal screen time and probably reenforced by the big band music playing in the background.

Hastily-scribbled stick figures usually won't get you much here on Newgrounds, but for some reason, I'm seeing quite a few good ones today. Hmm. Budding artistic movement? Or reviewer just in a good mood? YOU DECIDE!

One suggestion, don't try to animate things like the missiles impacting one by one. At one frame per second, it'll never look like real animation. Just treat it like a comic book, showing one panel of the shot firing and one panel from a completely different angle of the shot hitting. If you absolutely *must* show a sequence of several frames, make sure the cloud of smoke from the initial explosion looks much different from the pillar of smoke rising from the dead tank.

Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the next one. :)

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Mrpink135 responds:

DUDE your invited to my birthday party and
the way these look the way they do is cause they're based on comics me and my bud draw thats why it's not fluent animation and more slideshow esque.....yaaaaaaaa thanks for the review dude
you should check out my other one Fun Wit Suitcases but has the same problem as this one

Wrong song

You could have chosen some other less interesting song for the background. A few seconds after it started, I ended up listening to the song and paying no attention to the animation (or maybe I should say, the still image sequence?). Make it shorter. Try to animate stuff. It's frustrating and a lot of work, but this is the way to go. Other than that you 've made a decent effort and you're on your way up! Good for you!!!

Mrpink135 responds:

Maybe you should get that whole eye hearing thing checked out dude......ha sorry


Hilarious! Nice, but try animating better or get an artist. I'm not saying it's bad, but try to make the design better.

Mrpink135 responds:

i'll try

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2.36 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2008
2:25 AM EST
Comedy - Original