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B-Roll: Tickle Fight

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Author Comments

Run-time: Approximately 40 seconds. It's a larger file because I rendered it out wiht the sound uncompressed. If this bothers anyone to much than I'll reduce the size.


This is a a short I wrote up and decided to animate right before I came up with Reincarnation: ADDO. I put this project on hold though to get that game done for Halloween. Depending on if you guys like this "B-Roll" series or not, I'll continue it. Till then, I'll be working nonstop on Griswold to have that to you ASAP.

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continue the idea with different envirorments and the friend getting hit and id raise it to 8


so...i guess this means we're not going our for dessert.

epically disturbing


No dessert, pal

This was pretty interesting to watch because I thought you really tried to go beyond what you normally do. It was great to hear TomaMoto's voice in this, too. The weird thing is that the characters look like kids. I thought they really were until they were talking about how they were apparently going out at the time. I admit that pee can be pretty funny, especially with how deadpan everyone reacts to it here. The way you presented it by using the old film projectile was also kind of neat.

ha ha