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So this was my submition way back for the metal gear collab. Didn't win ( or even make it in lol! ) but rather then let it go to waste, I'll showcase it now. Sorry if it's outta sync or whatever, I don't know how to make it work online. Runs fine on the desktop. 30 seconds-ish long.

Enjoy it. Hate it. Most importantly, review it! :D

BTW: It's been months since I put this project together, so sorry if I mis-credit the voice actors, but I BELIEVE the clerk is voiced by EDWYN

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Hmmm... Interesting.

Huh, now I know what it's like to be a Microsoft Fanboy. I gotta say I like the voice acting it's kinda how to say...different. I mean it sounded like it was recorded somewhere else. But I digress. It's a shame this didn't get in the collab. It's good enough for an easter egg. But good job anyway!

Oh and btw try to learn how to make a replay button it's looping as I write this review. It's kinda annoying.

I agree with BladeTheHegehog123

That's also the reaon why Xbox players hate PS3 players


that's why the PS3 rules


I... wouldve have probably don the same thing

first off

the PS3 and 360 are almost excatly the SAME the both have amazing graphics, they both have a decent library of games(360 has more I know) and unless you own both you can't see the other console at work. For 360 people have any of you ever played on a PS3 before? and for PS3ers have you ever played a 360? All im saying is neither is the better console. 360 has a larger library of games whereas PS3 has more memory space and can play blue-rays. They are both great consoles and you cant see the whole picture without both.

Secondly, Great flash a little better graphics and you've mad a pretty good flash keep up the good works.

Thirdly, oORageKnightOo STFU nobody care about your problems O.K.? So just go in a corner, be helpful, and STFU.

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3.76 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2008
3:40 PM EST
Comedy - Original