Canucks Over Christmas!?

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Oh What Horrors! Santa is canadian! Jesus is depressed! Alice needs a gift! Can they still pull through and have a decent Christmas?

Yeah... This is the Christmas special. After animating my last cartoon i vowed to never touch a tablet again. But here we go, Try and enjoy it.


(Misc. Backgrounds by Chaton)

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I lol cuz thats something that Harper would totally do, declare Santa is canadian LOL. Though I think it would be funnier if he was watching a Leafs game (but i notice ur from B.C so i understand)

But just the usual problems most people have (lypsyncing, poor mic quality etc) but im not gonna dock u BIG MARKS for that. I look for story and U HAD IT MA FRIEND.

Keep up da good work, hope to see moar from ya :)

I liked it

Personally,the humor was good,a bit on racist side,but good,animation was kinda good,but nevertheless,i liked!

Woo! Santa's Canadian!

It was good. I liked it.

I cannot vote the 10 though... Now that I think about it.. some of the voices weren't the best... =/

But other than that it was funny, and well done. I liked Alice as a commie. :)

...But we better be careful, or Santa will end up Russian.

good comic strip style

Nice sense of humor, seemed a bit slow paced, but good nonetheless. Also, I noticed a slight buzzing noise in your audio clips, if you have audacity, use the noise remal tool to get rid of it, if you have another recording program, it probably has something similar.

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Dec 20, 2008
1:26 PM EST
Comedy - Original