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FDR Shows Utilitarianism

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Another class project I did in the like of "LONELY: The Last Polar Bear". It's about the 32nd president, who is now a time traveler, telling some children about the wonders of Ethics, specifically utilitarianism. Really basic animation, as in only about one emotion per line. Although the animation sucks, i'm proud of the script.

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This is Rob you CONT!

I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING NOW. My fav part was the good/bad detector robot! w00t!

Sketchy but very good

Awesome script, I'd really like to see more episodes of this kind.
You might want to add in more frames if you don't want to do lip syncing. If you are familiar with the show 'Tom Goes to the Mayor', that would be a good animation type to go with this.
Besides more frames, I would suggest you invest in more advanced backgrounds, or characters. They're good right now, but they could be really good with little work.

babies or man! babies or MAN!

Good flash

I have to side with Timmy on this one. The beginning was a bit boring to me but in the end it was a good flash movie.

Very nice

I thought the "now with limited animation" bit was pretty funny, but sice your cartooning style is so great, I don't think it really detracted from the story too much. Great voicework, and story layout as well. As a sidenote though, FDR was in a wheelchair.

IrRiley responds:

Forgot to mention that in my story FDR froze himself in an attempt to be resurrected when humans created a cure for polio. He then helped earth fend off an invasion of communist vampire robots from planet X. Basically now he is the leader of a team of time traveling police who jump around time and space and stop bad guys from doing bad things and messing up the time line. Also they like to tell children about things so I can get a good grade.

it has potential

next time, try to increase the pace a bit and put more effort into animation. Also, try not to stretch out the ending too long in any of your future flashes.

IrRiley responds:

I noticed it went long, but this was for a grade so I had to really fill it with boring information.