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Van Damme Found A Dollar!

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after seeing the fantastic " I found a dollar! " i thought i would make my own one this is what newgrounds is all about submitting fantastic material incase you havnt seen " I found a Dollar " you might want to watch it before you watch my film and it is http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/470484 I hope you like it, it took me a long time

( And all the Audio is done by myself if you want a copy of the songs just PM me )

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It seems no one is safe from the global economic crisis. This is a masterpiece of modern film-making. The plight of the main protagonist contrasted against his phoenix-like rise from financial ruin literally brought me to tears. This film changed my life.

good stuff

but i dont like van damn (he killed my parents) so you only get a 9. take THAT!

Dark-Knight responds:

if it makes you feel any better he killed them for his coke addiction and is off it now so everything can be forgiven..


Go Van Damme!!!

god what have i done? how many parodys of this are there going to be LOL!!

Dark-Knight responds:

Glad you like it buddy

Nice - I see a new trend of Dollar movies Coming !

thanks I laughed at the hookers and van damn

Van damn is really Cool ! cant wait for his new serious movie! Called JCVD
Anyone see him get woody(bonar, morning glory, stiffy, erection ect) on youtube funny

To angrys!!
Hey lighten up this was a parady of that movie that made it to the front page somehow
Good Luck and thanks for stealing my time from real work :)


This is funny, I am giving you a 10/10 a 5/5 and recommending you for an award because this was way better then "I found a dollar". And it is pretty much what Van Damme would do if he had a dollar.

People who voted low on this most likely didn't see "I found a Dollar" this actually had two whole layers of humour.

I also love how someone said the drawings need work. Hey, it's apparently good enough animation for a front page.

Dark-Knight responds:

Thanx alot you understood my animation entirely !