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AwesomeBall Z Ep 3

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A dragonball fandub

(Part 3) Today on AwsomeBall Z, Frieza Arrives and it seems the earth is doomed, But Just when all hope seems, lost a mysterious and sexy young man appears(Trunks), Frieza's Wanted desperately to pleas him sexually, but when trunks refused frieza sent his Ultimate Fruity fighting force The Spirit Squad, Trunks made short work of them. Frieza was outraged and sent several "rainbow power blasts" at trunks Trying to convert him, however when trunks still refused Frieza decided if he couldn't have sex with trunks, no one would. Frieza was going to destroy trunks and the whole planet,trunks seemed to be defeated but Just then He appeared and shot a decoy blast, frieza thought he was safe, or is he? is this the end of frieza's really gay Rain of Terror!?(All Voices and Sounds/music are done or edited in by me, i did not make these characters This is originally a Dragonball Z episode, you can learn more about DBZ at www.Dragonballz.com)

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this movie is very amazing

it is right that frieza ia a gay

hm. . .

I'm ssurprised this doesn't have a higher rating on it. This is actually pretty funny. At fist when I saw it I was like, " This looks stupid. but hey, I bored as hell, maybe this will entertain me. . " I liked it. 5/5 for all three. 9/10 because the 4th one isn't ready yet. lol. keep up the dubs. they are great.

nice follow-up!

i liked this episode to! cant wait to part 4:D