Luigi's Birthday Reremake

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This is just another remake of Luigi's Birthday. If you suspect sprites beeing stolen, read the credits. And for a movie over 80 seconds, it's not a very big file. I mean a lot of my flash takes up a lot of space. You'll notice that I cut the music 2 times, sorry for that. There is a random scene in it ( at least I think so ). Oh well; you just enjoy the heck outta this flash.



Well well well...this was actually pretty good, Im sitll a bit mad that you copied my flash's plot...but you blew my mind with how great this was man..Good job! Extra credit for the Sonic cameo.

Look, I didnt mean to come off as a jerk, I was just a bit jealous, so to say...

thegameboy2008 responds:

don't worry dOOd. And I still don't get why you say "plot". It had nothing to do with Bowser's robbery so explain it to me.

Nicely done, but....

I felt that the storyline was missing something....Maybe making it a little more less simple. But other than that, I really liked it ^_^


It was very good, except for when it just randomly ended. Very nice work at 50 fps :o ! Must have taken a while.

That was great!

I loved it. I liked the part with Sonic. Really good animation! Keep up the good work!

well its good

its put together well but i saw no comedy in the flash. the story was to jumpy also you jumped from mario dazing off to him busting through a wall. was it supposed to be a dream. one thing i liked was how u brought in sonic to get the gem. i mean i see how you put in authors notes the random scene part well i think i explained it or maybe you were talking about another

good job and good luck on future flashes

thegameboy2008 responds:

not that mario was dreaming, but that I was too lazy to animate the part where Mario gets to the cavern

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2.89 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
10:02 PM EST