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This is a mockumentary I made for school. We have to make infomercials for controversial subjects. I chose a trivial, but still somewhat controversial issue: Linux versus Windows (LvW). This is the pro-Windows side. I'll upload my pro-Linux video soon (I made that one first, so it's not as good).

I hope you like it. Personally, I like Linux, but that was not the purpose of this infomercial.

Please forgive my horrible German and Dutch. I want to learn German and Dutch, but I don't have the time (it gets confusing too). You have to understand my audience when I originally made this: a class of 30 Americans with little to no foreign language experience (except Spanish).

AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW THIS! I absolutely love reviews!


btw, I intend to make this into a series. I was thinking of something similar to "The Office" (NBC's or BBC's, wherever you are).

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linux and windows both have pros and cons while mac has mostly only cons, I like windows for its compatibility, flexibility and has the best desktop layout for multitasking, compared to overpriced locked-down macs with stupid program menu bar on top which makes multitasking a joke and with the one button mouse combined it makes it look like that mac never got envolved since 1984 when computers were only capable of running one task at a time.

Even if you ignore design flaws multitasking on mac is still pain in the ass even today, because it just freezes alot something what doesn't happen on linux or windows. Windows is more progressive, has supperior desktop enviroment and has much better multitasking. I could think of only one pro side of mac over any other os: simplicity, so the os is idiot proof, which is a good thing for those who never used a computer before, everything else about it is bad unlike windows and linux and it is too overpriced, so kids are more likely learn windows at school or home anyway and it really isn't much harder to learn.

One main advantage of linux is that it is free and open source, it is also very costumizable out of box(you can totally mod windows too, but you need some 3rd party software to do it, so you can edit .dll resources to replace system icons for example), has many desktop enviroments (I prefer linux mint debian and other windows like inviroments), but ubuntu is mac like and like I mentioned before that sucks for me, so if you want to have enviroment optimized for multitasking, you should switch to any that is more windows like, either by entering a command into terminal with is very powerful and can be advantage if you know what are you doing or simply install another distro that already has it. menu bar is actually attached to the windows itself rather than being on the taskbar, that's main issue with mac or ubuntu.

Also linux is sweet for servers, cons are already explained by flash, so it falls short for home computers mainly because of lack of software which is caused by linux low marketshare compared to windows marketshare which is dominating, so everyone develops for windows first, because thats what most people use, then they port to mac or/and linux.

Of course I use windows on main computers, I have linux installed in vmware to play with it sometimes, but wouldn't want to use it as main os on any computer that is not server.

Nice Effort

Must've been hard to do this. Windows is basically malware from how broken it can be. I only saw number 5 as the best reason on these (better said, only reason). I dont think it would have been possible to do this video now with the rise of ubuntu though.


yeah because the ubuntu installation is so hard -.-

Good animation!

This video had great animation, and i liked how you put details into everything, like the backgrounds, the coffee, and the way that the people talked! you have great skill with these things, you should use them more!

completely incorrect

linux software is bad? Right, because the majority of the programs you use is probably opensource like VLC, Firefox, and openoffice. Even ZSNES. Not including things like dvd burning software which is incredibly poor with windows I get for linux for free.

Also, Windows support is expensive. Every distribution offers cheaper better support then windows. Windows suggests reinstalling windows to solve almost every problem.

Almost all hardware works on linux (better then what osx can say) and since majority of those drivers are free software the majority of the time they are constantly being improved tend to run better then drivers for windows which are never updated after the initial release. 200 programmers have no chance against the world.

Microsoft is preinstalled on computers, with all sorts of unremovable trial versions and sometimes rootkits.

Also, Windows has a command line too, its called Command Prompt. Why doesn't anyone do anything in command line? Because in windows is because its little more then a dos emulator. Command line in linux uses the bash shell (as well as other shells) typically which allows you more access to more commands then just cd and dir.

Your LISP comment makes no sense. LISP is a programming language.

And installing linux takes a ton of experience and configuration? Next, next, next, next, finish is not complicated.

theta4 responds:

It was my job to make Linux sound bad as part of the assignment. Personally, I love Linux. In fact, I used Linux as part of this production, specifically with the espeak text-to-speech program.

If you want to complain about how Linux is better than Windows, go watch my other video on the subject.

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