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Final Fantasy Punks

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I liked it

So even though this is an old classic you still have a nice game here I am enjoying the final fantasy element looks like the AI is good the bland backround in the fight scenes could be much better maybe a backdrop, but other then that this is a good start.

the bland backround in the fight scenes could be much better maybe a backdrop


Nice rpg, but this is hardly functional, and it's only a demo. try harder next time.

The game needs better graphics, more content, and a story.

this game sucks i beat the game and im stuck this is a crappy game

Look on the bright side...

If it isn't good now, it just means you have room to improve :D ohh, and i think i was a zombie.. i had like 0hp and i kept living :o ZOOOOOMBIES D: ooh right, constructive critisism, umm.. well, it's kinda glitchy (but i know, its hard to work out kinks in games like this, i cant even make rpgs D: ) and my guy has no face :{ he needs a rly awesome face, with a big nose and two wide eyes and a rly happy mouth, THEN i'd love this game :P aaanyway, nice work but keep working on it