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Okay i know this sucks bigtime :P.

I made this for about 3 or 4 years ago.
I submitted it once, but i could not (dont want to) remember what happened with the submission.
After that, i lost the submission. i was quite sad since i spent a HALVE YEAR on frame by frame animating and experimenting :P.

I can do a lot better now, and i also make music.
I submitted this one with a NG Account named FlashBlack once.
I must say that im better in making music than making animations.. meh :P.
(especially music on this account.)

well, have fun watching it. its still quite funny to watch it xD
sound effects are decent :P.

please dont flame me, but give constructive criticm orsomething likt that xD.

Take Care,
St0rmChaser aka FlashBlack aka DJTrezy aka Nexigen w/e xD

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My cousin could do better..

AND HIS 5!!!

St0rmChaser responds:

you realy suck at writing reviews.
this is called : wasting bandwidth...

There are more terrible flashmovies on NG which deserve a better review than this. so why ?


it was okay. could use better animation (don't know if it's the program or ur skill) but some parts were funny. sort of.

St0rmChaser responds:

heh :P thanks.
yes i submitted this ages ago :P.
I did not know how to use onion skinning yet :P.

but thanks for the review ;)


Well here's my criticism: never write that something you're submitting sucks. It invites people to zero-vote without even viewing the flash. And who knows, maybe it doesn't suck.

This, was mildly decent. Poor graphics yes, but the animation shows promise. I might like to see this redone with your current skills.

St0rmChaser responds:

thanks SoulRed12.

yes im working on something better right now.
i think im going to call it : StickFight Avatar or something.

I ll keep your hint about writing that your submission sucks in mind.
i guess that was not a good idea ^^

greetz St0rmChaser.


was expecting a short dumb fight. that must have taken a while... pretty good for a stick anim. maybe have heads, because the flash color gradients are way overused and they look bad. funny sound effects. overall pretty good.

St0rmChaser responds:

:P Thank you bill21 :D.

a better review than i expected for this submission.
The only good thing (opinion) about this movie are the sound effects,
and the shitload of effort because of the frame by frame animating :P.

greetz St0rmChaser.


I am definitely one to reminisce about the past... but try not to post this kinda stuff

St0rmChaser responds:

Why not ?
there are more worse flashsubmissions than this one.
i put it on newgrounds so that everyone who asks for it, can see it on the net.
not that many ppl will actually ask .. but ohwel.

thanks for the review.

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3.22 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
4:34 PM EST