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X-Mass Balance-o-Tris

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In X-Mass, you have to collect your Christmas presents by lining up three or more presents of the same kind on the Christmas Tree either horizontally or vertically. Also watch out to keep the Tree balanced!

Press ESC while playing to return to main menu.

We hope that you will enjoy this happy little game :)

Happy Holidays!!
Ron / Mindless Labs

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I'm giving this a 9 because of the repetitive music, The game itself is amusing, gameplay a bit hard until you manage to plan out where to put things, i panicked at the end tough because suddenly the tree started tipping opposite of where the presents where, i dunno if the tree itself can unbalance itself if it tips to much, i liked the warning sign tough.

mindlesslabs responds:

Thank you :)

About the tree tipping: it should not unbalance itself. Also, it is not physically correct, because even if the tree is hard-bent left, but there are presents only on the right side of the tree, it will start to tip right (altough physics would force it down to the left even more).

If you experience this phenomenon again, please tell me, as it should not happen. Thanks again, have fun!

neat variation

The addition of maintaining balance makes an otherwise ho-hum tetris/connect4 clone into something fun.

mindlesslabs responds:

Thanks, nice to hear that!


this is kwl u have turned an entire genre and made it better with the tree turniong left and right it makes it more fun becaue u want to keep it steady and its more challenging.
But u could take this to the next lvl by making diffrent modes like needing more things to create a line and u could have boxes that come down that u can only get rid of by putting a line nxt to it. the boxes could way twice as much as any of the decorations or diffrent decoractions means diffrent weights:D

mindlesslabs responds:

Thank you very much! If people like this game, we'll be sure to improve on the genre.


This is a really nice take on what's been a tired genre for a long time now. Good job!

It's really hard to plan your placements, though, especially considering how quickly the tree can start tipping. Also, the music loops a bit too quickly, and gets repetitive fast.

Other than that, awesome game!

mindlesslabs responds:

Cool :)
Yes, it takes some time to get accustumated to the swinging of the tree, but that's why we play it ;) For the music, next time we shall contact a musician to design a custom track, but I fell in love with the current track.. it's like swing music, which I like very much.

This game is well done

I like the concept of the "Balancing act" that you have with this game, so if is really unique and new!

I, for one, like it!

mindlesslabs responds:

We are happy you do :)

Credits & Info

4.28 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
3:27 PM EST