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It's Cold Inside

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Thanks for the front page and Christmas collection ye


My submission for the winter 2008 competition, I realize it rarely mentions winter in it but that's part of the underlying theme

This will be my last submission to newgrounds. It's short but sends a strong message.

I hope you enjoy my hard work, if you don't I don't really care because I had more fun then i've ever had making an animation on this one and fuck that's all that matters to me. I love what I do.

P.S. I won't be around here anymore to check much of anything starting next month, so if by some divine miracle I won something in the competition, or if you are just interested in projects of mine for the future email me at Solonavi13@yahoo.com

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that was so freakin funny ! hahahahahahahaha wow you gotta watch this


blew my balls off, sucka

Great story.

There was something missing though. A few flashbacks would've made it a bit more interesting, or rather even more disturbing. But over all, great job dude.


That was intense... I loved the style! It was amazing! The subject matter was a little off but, style wise, amazing!

The days are cold and lonely.

Spoiler alert!
Don't read until you've watched the movie.

Things that I liked.
* The use of different Art materials, such as water color. This gave the movie it's unique style.
* The sickness of the character.
* Sounds and music worked well. The lack of sound was also just as good.
* The joltyness of the animation reminds me of David Firth's movies.
* The little, sometimes unnoticeable, crudeness of lines. Such as, the circled left boob of the girl or the rectangle around lonely. All things that seem unimportant but are actually little clues towards the words/images that have great meaning in the story.
* The relationship between the coldness outside and the sick minded man.
* Great use of brightness.
* The ugliness of the girl when the text on screen reads "She's kind of pretty".
* The text with in the movie.
* Other special effects, such as the photographs of the corridor popping up on the screen like a polaroid picture. As if looking back on his memories.
* It was also nice that the sick man's name was never mentioned, as if to say... he could be anyone.

* I wanted to know more about the girl.
* This might sound quite odd but I wanted to actually see the rape. Give me a chance to explain myself! I liked it when the girl realized what happened to her while she was asleep/knocked out but I think some flash backs to what he did to her would have made the scene more disturbing then it already is.
* The movie needed a little more of what made it really good. The sickness. The story. The everything.

I really like how you use more then the tools in Flash as your canvas. Mimicking water color on a computer is completely different then actually doing it for yourself. Using some techniques with Flash, for example the outlines of the characters, with more traditional Art creates a nice mix of the two mediums. For me, it insinuates the mix between fantasy and reality within the sick man's head.

All in all. The movie does give out a strong impression that loneliness can drive people to the craziest of crazy. Also, the style that you chose for your movie is a class of animation that is one of my favorites. On that note, although nothing is perfect, I give this movie a perfect score 10/10.

I would just like to add that it's a shame that you don't go on this site anymore because in that case you won't read this review. None the less, I enjoyed watching your movie and I hope you continue with your Art.