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Just Some Shorts

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Author Comments

These are my two cartoons "Ghosts n' Goblins" and "Snowman Surprise" mixed into one movie, so there's more to view in less clicks. Enjoy.

Oh, once more, I don't know why it's black and white.

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Make longer ones

That was funny but they was only two of them. You should make several and then put them all together. From watching that video, I can tell that you are capable of making funny Flash Animations. Good Luck.

ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks :3


You need to make more

ChadsWeb responds:

I will, fear not :3

:p woot

haha. It was really short , but what i saw i really like. keep the work up man. I'll watch your next one!

ChadsWeb responds:

Cool, thanks :3


It was ok. It was nicely paced wich was the main thing i liked. I bit short though. You have good potential so you should put your effort into longer animations. Or not, no big deal. Good job.

ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks. I do longer ones, mostly, but whenever I do funny shorts, I try to put them all together for Newgrounds.

what the nucking futs!?

this is a hopeless move but i giv it ah 3 for good luck

ChadsWeb responds:

Any constructive critisism at all!? Just "hopeless?"