The Odyssey

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This is an english project for mythology based on Homers Odyssey. Its corny, and poorly animated, But I hope you can enjoy it anyway. <3 -Me


Good enough for teh internetz.

For an internet interpretation, it's better than I expected. Still, I read the Odyssey and it did leave out quite a few details and characters. Still, it's fine for the internetz.

you left dah secks out :(

awwwwww, WTF DOOOOD! Havent you seen the movie where like the island chick Circe is like a brothel owner and stuff >.> anyways, it was pretty funny, esp the stabbing part haha...I dont know what im talking about though, anyways... was funny but the animation was terrible, and somehow i get the feeling it was suppose to be that way hmm..

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Cicarelli responds:

Haha :) yeah, I saw the movie. I didnt want to explain the sex scene, was supposed to be funny to anyone whos seen that movie, or read the story. I wanted to make the animation better, but with my time restrictions I just went for the humorously bad animation :P


despite the poor animation and voice, it was really funny. Maybe you could have put more time into each part, and explained things a little more. Eventually you should get someone to voice the dialogue, rather than using the computer. But the animation fit quite well, even though it was so bad.

I suppose the only bad thing is that people who have not read The Odyssey wouldn't understand this at all, because it doesn't really explain the book too well.

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Cicarelli responds:

Thanks :), Im glad people are finding some humor in this. Originally this was an english project for my mythology class, so everyone watching it already would have a base knowladge of the book, but I do regret that alot of newgrounds users wont catch some of the jokes or fully understand the story.


I liked the way it was "simplified". The images were ok but the animation was a little clunky. Otherwise its good.

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Cicarelli responds:

Thanks, I didnt pay much attention in class so I didnt really understand the story. I looked up a rough outline that didnt have much detail, and winged the rest. I do wish I had more time for the animation though.


this is like my "start of the Trojan war" flash only, like, 50 times better

Cicarelli responds:

Haha, thanks :), I liked yours too

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Dec 10, 2008
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