FIFA09 Mini Commercial

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//|-_-|\\ My First NG Submission ! //|-_-|\\

I made this mini commercial for my (PROGRAMMING, WTF?) class. For some reason my teacher decides to make us do a mini flash commercial..? Anyways, I'm pretty much have a novice-ish skill level in flash and this mini (hence how short it is) commercial has effects that I had learned on my own.

Yes, those who are great at flash and the critics will probably give this a bad score; but you know what?
We were given like 2-4ish weeks to do this (which equals about 5-8ish classes) and in my opinion, that wasn't a very long enough amount of time to do anything amazing, so just a [warning?].

Also, there is no sound )>^_^)> and no preloader.

*Edit* Added more stuff.


Epileptic overkill

Music and sound, and a lot less bright flashing (these cause seizures), as others have already said. Plus the text cuts were too lengthy and repetitive. You have much to learn; I'd suggest taking some real-world classes to improve your craft.

theterabyte responds:

Guess I should of place a warning... :)

only if..

Music and good sound could have boosted this up a lot, i mean. Thats essentailly what any good commerical is. OH and maybe like a min i clip of some sweet goal of something. You ever watch toonami? Talk about good commercials

buttt as it stands its not good.
Maybe try again? oh ya, without that crazy rave show at the beginning, gets ur attention, but a little too much.

theterabyte responds:

I know it could have; what the hell is toonami?

It Wasn't Good

The submission hurt my eyes because of the amount of times it flashed. You could have added music before submitting it to Newgrounds though. That could have took you like 10-20 Minutes or probably even less. Yeah, 5-8 classes isn't a lot but that's no excuse because then you shouldn't have submitted it especially if you thought you were going to get a low score which seems to be the case. I've seen Fifa 09 commercials and a whole bunch of EA Sports one too bu this one just wasn't good. It flashed too much and it didn't show any game play which you could of added to make it better. Maybe you could have used a program (Fraps) and watched a game play video of it and recorded at the same time. Or possibly the theme you chose for your flash commercial is just too complicated which i think is also the problem.

Overall it was bad, sorry.


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theterabyte responds:

It hurt your eyes for the entire movie or for just the first part...?

ok buddy....

1st this really isnt ng material
2nd sound would have been better
3rd there was a pre-loader lol

P.s was pretty good for the time u had to make it :)

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theterabyte responds:

1. Yes, but I felt like uploading something ^_^

2. I know but I haven't been able to add sound

3. There was?

P.s Thank you

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Dec 9, 2008
6:30 PM EST