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Political Ball Z

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Author Comments

On November 4, 2008, America took to the streets and brought change to America by electing the first African American as president, and finally forcing those in power right now to owe up to their mistakes.

But what if there was more to it than that? What if some of most exciting bits were left out of the media? If an epic hand to hand martial arts battle, energy blasts, and perpetual powering up between the two candidates had gone unreported ? How will the new president elect use his new superpowers to deal with the plethora of challenges that wait him?

This Flash was the result from my attempts to reconcile my interest in current events and satire with my love of the Dragonball Z cartoons I grew up watching as a kid. =P

Enjoy! And as always, constructive criticism is always appreciated, and I'll do my best to respond to every review that's posted. If this gets popular enough, I might even consider making it into a series.

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You win.

That, sir, was damned entertaining flash. I'm not sure who I'm laughing at when I watch it (possibly everyone), but laugh I do. I'd like to see some sound quality improvements, maybe some hilarious transformations? ((Possibly Super Obama, with rididuclously spiky hair, teaming up with Al Gore the Android to defeat Global Warming?))

Really, this is some classic spoof. Kudos, dude, kudos.


bdub77 responds:

haha, well got to save something for the sequel ;p Thanks for the review!


Holy Batman.... er... Batman!

A good plot, good animation, good writing, and excellent use of parody! The only problems I saw - was some of the voice acting, and some of the lip-synch. Both can be fixed, and neither deterred from the overall presentation whatsoever.

I'd love to see more of these!

bdub77 responds:

Wow, thanks for the glowing review! =P I'm glad that you enjoyed it

If you made this a series I'd certainly watch it!

Overall this video was good, even though there were problems with the voice acting (Which I'm sure you've heard enough complaining about that.) and of course there wasn't enough action to keep me fully into the video. Other than that the animation was good, the style is pretty nice, and for some reason Dragon Ball Z and Politics never seemed to go together so well. 9/10.

bdub77 responds:

Thanks for the review! Yours and alot of the other reviews on here have actuay been pretty helpful, so I know where my shortcomings are for whenever I might try my hand at a second one of these


decent animation and a funny enough story to keep me entertained. We all know Obama is just evil of another color.

bdub77 responds:

umm...yeah, just for the record I wasn't using this movie to bash Obama in any way.... these are fucian's own views and although he has every right to them, they're not my own....

It had potential...

Decent animation, alright dialogue. Like VforVillian said, the voiceacting needs improvement. It's somewhat quiet and kind of boring. It ended being a turnoff for me and gave up a couple of minutes in.

bdub77 responds:

Fair enough. I'll try to use more vocal variety and maybe bring some different people in in the future ;p

Credits & Info

2.84 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2008
7:45 PM EST