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This movie links our Christmas consumer frenzy with our current global financial meltdown, complete with slapstick nonsense and gratuitous silliness dished up in the best lo-fi cut and paste I could mangle in Flash.

Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

Keep out of the malls.


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Gives you something to think about

Effin' Eh!

Loved it! Never thought I'd like your work...what with you and your hair net.....ya know....

DeweyGland responds:

Hairnets harness and channel ethereal greatness, dontchaknow...

Loved it!

I think this is brilliant. Can't wait to see more! Keep up the good work! The Whole Sick Crew Loves You Dewey Gland!

DeweyGland responds:

That's what I do, bring the love. And you will see more, I swear! Thanks for the lift.

Attacking The Christmas Spirit?

Aw, son, I see your heart has hardened to "the christmas spirit"! What are a few bills in trade for the delighted smiles on children? I take umbrage at your vile aspersion! What will the children do without toys to break? How can they know what they want "next"? You, my boy, are robbing the very hearts of the children. It isn't memories and time they want. Its the next big thing, the "in" toy, the "in" clothes... don't rob the children.. Otherwise, I enjoyed the flick.

DeweyGland responds:

My 9 year old this year has decided Santa isn't real, and gets offended if it's suggested otherwise... Kids these days are born a bit more hard-hearted I think, thanks to the thick layers of media plaque dished up to them. Plus their parents' own cynicism. My mother always told me: "Santa brings you the gifts, but sends me the bills." And one day all these bills would collectively come due, and I think we're seeing that in action on the global scene today. Hard not to be bitter about that.

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again: "Stay out of the malls!"


Totally underated.

I gave this a 5 while it was in judgment with high expectations! Wow. I though this was totally awesome. I really like the art and the animation. Simple yet effective. It boasted a cool little story and I totally did not expect what was gonna happen.

I think some people just closed the window after the beginning (which does not look all too impressive). Keep it up, I wanna see more!

DeweyGland responds:

You will. And thanks.

People should learn a little patience, you think? Maybe that's why the world is being devoured by a financial crisis come due? Could be a link between impatience and impulsivity?

Simple is good. Thanks again.