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Racken Fracken Friendship

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<ropesnake> one time i got really high and rode a dog to work and when i showed up everyone was like "hey dude you rode a dog to work!" and i was like "haha what"
<bubtilisnikt> bug i feel the urge to make a cartoon out of that
<ropesnake> lmao please do it
<ropesnake> zekey
<bubtilisnikt> okay
<ropesnake> i will supply you the nessessary funds
<ropesnake> 100,000 dollers plus a team of 50 to produce 1 minute of animating for the internet
<ropesnake> it will be sponsored by subway
<ropesnake> "Eat fresh!"
<ropesnake> thats a lie though
<ropesnake> marketing its all balls to the walls man
<bubtilisnikt> dialogue is recorded
<bubtilisnikt> flash is open
<ropesnake> omg youre really doin it
<bubtilisnikt> yes
<bubtilisnikt> i am
<rtil> where's my chippy
<bubtilisnikt> cartoon
<bubtilisnikt> is almost done
<ropesnake> oh god oh MAN OH GOD
<bubtilisnikt> bug
<bubtilisnikt> what to we call this
<bubtilisnikt> thing
<ropesnake> perhaps give it some german title
<reptilicus> weinersnitzel?
<reptilicus> bratwurst?
<ropesnake> Das J├╝ngste Gericht
<ropesnake> or simply call it "dude wheres my dog"
<reptilicus> lets call it
<reptilicus> Racken Fracken Friendship
<reptilicus> i will coauth you to this if you want
<ropesnake> oh boy i love co authors for no raison
<reptilicus> you wrote it man
<ropesnake> hold onto ya buttz
<ropesnake> will you need
<ropesnake> rakkenfrakkenvarmit.mp3 for the ending
<Away_Seed> wat
* Away_Seed is now known as J_Seed
<reptilicus> just in time jay
<reptilicus> for the best thing ever
<J_Seed> :D

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Funny characters in this one but it was extremly very short, now dont get me wrong there was some funny stuff going on, Just wish there was more to it.

Ad more content, more scenes and more humor.


That would be funny

Even though it was short, I do admit that riding a dog to work would be funny. Nice.

Short simple and good

I liked this because it was so random.
I somehow enjoyed the animation.


Make me laugh harder. HARDERRRRrrrr :O

Pure Brilliance

is not even close to what this flash is