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Mario "Makes Water"

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Darn, daily 7th, well, thanks for your support.

First of all, I'm extremely sorry if anything in this movie offends anyone. It swears and mentions the menstruation cycle.

Secondly, if you typically vote sprite movies low, watch this movie and consider the effort it took, not the graphics deficit.

And lastly, the title is a euphemism from Gulliver's Travels.

(Please review, I reply to all I can respond to.)

BTW, the preloader only appears after you've loaded about half of it, which has to do with my solution (coding the sounds in) to a sync issue.

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mario realy is gonna piss his pants. are you gonna do annother? love the music with the credits :)

good work

very funny. and It didn't have a typo.

Bomber109 responds:

I'm pretty good at correcting my typos.


Pretty funny

Another nice work from you, great work.
Graphics are great, I like how you edited Mario's eyes. The animation is also great, I was pleased by the running scene and how you made Mario fidgety for his need to go.
It was also pretty funny, I liked the little period joke (as I pretty much get it)
The only thing I would suggest is to make the punchline more obvious: I didn't get the joke because I didn't notice Mario's pants and had to replay it a second time.

Bomber109 responds:


Yes, I've been told before that Mario pissing his pants needs to be a little more obvious, and I agree.

This movie reminds me why I love Mario Parodies.

If they are done right they can be quite funny. Huh Peach on her Period huh? I guess Princess peach has a ugly body or something. But whatever. Great job!

Graphics: 4/10

Style: 7/10

Interactivity: N/A

Violence: 6/10

Humor: 10/10

Overall: 9/10

Bomber109 responds:

Thanks for the comment.

However, I am quite confused as to why my graphics are rated at 4. Is it because they are simply unrefined, or is it because I did not create my own?

So cool

so that was the best that i saw

please make more comedy

and i will say :

thats great and the best movie ever i saw.

Bomber109 responds:

If you really like it, I recommend you favorite it.