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Tetris kills

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Author Comments

Today I found a memory stick with some old work, and here I bring you the first flash movie I ever made. Do not expect much. Aaand it is featuring Tetris, a stickman and a murder :O


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Okay? Lol... found it a little humorous.

I found it funny how when I pressed left, my cube went left, and I thought I was playing. Then it went all crazy on me. Hahahaha...

Yeah, anyways.

Graphics could be improved, otherwise pretty well made!

Assios responds:

Yeah I made this in 2007 :p



XD OLOLOLOL XDDDDD hey...wait...WHERE DI D U GET THE FLASH?!I wanna make flash,too!!! *_*

Assios responds:

You have to buy it, www.adobe.com

Not bad

It's simi;lar to Tetris Deathtrap which was made earlier than dis one, but hey, it's looked cool though :)

Assios responds:

Well, actually I finished this (about a year) before Tetris Deathtrap was submitted, anyways, I don't think it's similar enough to be worth mentioning. Thanks for your review, though :)


cool to be old

Assios responds:



old and nice :D

Assios responds: