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Whine Meal episode 1

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This is the first episode in an occasional series I plan to make (part 2's coming in early 2009).

The humour's pretty surreal. Umm... I think that's about it, hope you like it.

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whine meal episode one review

Coco's acting was fantastic!

That's all I have to say.

void150 responds:

I'm getting worried the fame will go to her head, and she'll be too busy with her acting career to be in episode II.

This will be a tasty series.

"Lionel, your beard is on fire", "what? no its not" "yes it is, look" "what the hell, you shit why did you do that?" "I thought it would be funny" "you bloody shit, you probably ruined my face, Ill haunt you and stab you with a crucifix shaped dagger!" "I dont see that possibly happening" LMAO, totally random, setting the beard on fire, funny part.

With the music in the beginning, and some of the background music throughout the movie, especially how the voices sound, I get an eerie disturbing feeling from this, which makes it ok to laugh at the random sometimes funny things throughout this flash movie, I liked the feeling this gave me, because the characters do seem a bit weird, but in a good fitting way.

You put some decent effort into this flash, I can tell you did the best your abilities allowed you to do, I didn't sense any slacking off on any parts, and you used the equipment you had to work with. The characters were decent, the backgrounds were nice and fit well, all the background props, especially in the kitchen, seemed out of place, but again as I said, the whole flash seems out of place in a strange, weird way, which to me is a good thing, so the props were great, such as the fire extinguisher, the stove, it just fit well.. Speaking of the fire extinguisher I thought Lionel was going to put his beard out with that, but I guess he wasn't thinking properly in a panic so he smears his face in a cat box full of shit, lmao.

The cat seemed horribly annoying, like any cat would, I liked how you pushed a house cat's annoying extremities out of this world, to where it was listening to an ipod of some sort, making strange noises, of course annoying, I wanted to throw a bowling ball at that cat too.

The only complaint I have, is the voices, the voices were good don't get me wrong, but I think you should get better voicing equipment, to where the voices don't sound so fuzzy, even though I could understand there are some picky people here that refuse to listen ignorantly just because of the mere fact they have to try and listen a little harder. Yeah just fix the quality on that and everything should be fine.

Overall, I found it funny and interesting to watch, reminds me of a day in someone else's ordinary life, but with strange and random qualities, who else has talking exploding vegetables in a house? I'm looking forward to the next installment. Only people with a good sense of humor can truly appreciate this work, just forget the people who have a dried up sense of humor, and that find a nutty fruit bat flying around with a pumpkin pie strapped on its back, dancing on that pie is tiny mexican pieces of corn singing latin songs while shitting themselves to death, nothing to laugh at, at all. Grow some humor people, or you will miss out on flash such as this, won't ever find anything funny if you just go through life constantly saying "bah humbug" to everything, THIS IS FUNNY!

I find fruitbats with all that shit on them funny, you'll hardly ever find anything in this world funny if your just looking for something to purely happy slapstick in your face make you bust out laughing for a minute, there is alot of humor out there that requires you to ACTUALLY THINK, such as this flash. I guess only the truly gifted minds can understand flash such as this, and find humor in it.

Good job on this flash, can't wait for the second one.

8/10 stars.

4/5 vote panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

void150 responds:

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a detailed review! I'm pleased that you enjoyed watching and you got what I was aiming for. This style of humour will never be everyone's thing, but as long as it works for some people watching the portal, then it'll be worth continuing the series (I have one other project to work on next for a friend, then Episode II will follow around April or May, hopefully).

Point taken with the sound recording; my equipment's not the best, but maybe Santa will bring me a new microphone if I'm good :)

Anyway, thanks again for the words and I hope you'll be around for the next submission!


Great stuff


... ... ... Oh yes I was reviewing this.. quite honestly, it was boring, very boring. There was one joke (the all knowing squash) which was funny, apart from that every joke fell flat, there was no entertainment, so that's -6 points straight off. You then had terrible graphics, they needed more effort, and using picture backgrounds with sprites dropped in did not work, -2 point. Finally your voice acting, and sound quality was well.. meh, it could have been worse, or a lot better, -1 point. You also talk about surreality, but quite honestly it was forced. Surreality must have the random and inspired essence, however this lacked all of it, it was more jumping on the bandwagon shouting, "I'm surreal" than making its own way.

void150 responds:

Oh, no! Wampbit doesn't like my cartoon.

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Dec 5, 2008
4:12 PM EST