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MiVG: Episode 1

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Moments in Video Games: Episode 1
Remember that time when you were playing a video game, and suddenly the world blew up? No? Well, that's why this flash movie was created!

Average Run Time: 8:22
Total Amount of Frames: 11,860
FPS: 24

Author's Comments:

Hello everyone! This is my first (kinda) official flash project. It took about two months to complete (not counting the many weeks I ignored it). It does help to know of the games/characters that appear in the movie, although in retrospect, it's not really that important. All in all, hope you have as much fun watching it as I had making it (and yes, I had a lot of fun making it).

The sound quality isn't as good as I would have liked it to be, since I had to reduce it pretty significantly in order to get under the 10 mb limit. It's still pretty decent, though.

Also, there are Play, Pause, and Scene Selection buttons near the bottom left of the screen that you can click on while the movie is playing. During some parts of the movie, they may not be there, which is entirely due to the fact that I unfortunately used that scripted camera symbol that you can find on the internet, and if the buttons are visible while the camera zooms in, it can cause some glitches. Yeah, probably not going to use that actionscript camera anymore. :P

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I was enjoying everything when the ending sort of destroyed it for me.

Not bad at all!

Good job with this. Amazing use of sound effects for a flash game and some really tight animation.

The drawings a bit sloppy, though, the overall characters could have been made a lot cleaner. Also, the recording quality was pretty bad, lots of pops and hard to hear what people were saying, which took away from the comedy a lot. You may want to think of getting a few voice actors to help you with your series to give the voices a little more variety.

But overall, it was real good for a first episode. I can't wait to see when this thing really starts going strong.

TechFinch responds:

Thanks for the review. Sorry about the sound quality. I had to reduce the quality to get the file size under 10 megs, and that included making everything mono (which unfortunately meant that the stereo sound effects like the drum build ups became crackly at certain points). Once I get my website fixed, I plan on uploading a nicer quality version there. Thanks again for the feedback.

friggin awsome!!!

i love the way the characters move dude, pure awsomeness

TechFinch responds:

Thanks. Too bad Jimmy Lee couldn't teleport by picking his nose in the real Double Dragon game. :(

Funny Satire, Meh Art Style

That was a fairly good parody of some of the well-known games. Music was always relevant, sounds were fine, and the jokes were pretty good, and even rather original, I'm happily surprised to say. My biggest hangup on this video was the animation. It was quite a bit better than many I've seen, but still has a great deal of room for general improvement. Great classic gamer vid though, if you can get past that.

TechFinch responds:

Thanks! Yes, I'd agree with you on the animation. This project was for solely for exploring what it means to create an extensive flash project, and to get some experience underneath my belt. Nicer graphics will be on the way, and obviously more animation. :P