Awesome Dbz Fight!!!

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b4 u watch this let me make 1 thin clear........i made this vid MYSELF!!!!sound(www.esnip s.com),animation ,producer.......etc but this video is also available in my utube account.this is a must see action-packed awesome stick fight.part 2 is still in the makin but its gonna take me a longer time 2 finish it cause its gonna be longer and more animated.

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Awesome Dbz Fight!!!

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i should get this more viewers! :D

pretty good =]

i rather liked this, fights were more or less smooth and i like how u added slight environment distruction.

was abit one sided but meh, good ol beat down still fun.

the music, well that particular song good for a slower pace, but when the action started. i fink a different, more energetic song would go very well.

the side scrolling view was a lil annoying, maybe differnet camera angles would do well. and maybe couple close ups on the faces, showing the mouth to give abit more depth to the characters.

but then again thats if u REALLY wanna go all out on making these things =P

dragonballGE responds:

tnx.by the way do u know how 2 make swf files smaller cause iv made a really sick animation(dragonball af episode 1)but i cant upload it cause its 84mb and the maximum is 10mb.

Good, but there's a few things bothering me.

First of all, you made the vid yourself, but don't write that you made the sounds... cause that's all ripped from the webz. Then, the music costs you one point, it's not bad cause I have the song on my mp3, but I just doesn't fit on an action based movie. Linkin Park has way better songs for that, and else you can use songs from dbz itself.

The effects were some really sweet ones, except for the ki-blasts, they pretty much suck, as there just balls. That's also one point leaving you with 8 points for an amazing animation.


It was okay. I mean, there were some logical inconsistencies (for example, the repeated beating down toward the ground that went about three times the distance they had actually started from the ground), but the fight itself was somewhat amusing. The start of the fight was pretty boring, because the hero only really dodged a few attacks and didn't seem to really land any hits, and for whatever reason, I just didn't find the action all that interesting. Probably because I don't like one-sided battles.

The hero's comeback was pretty cool though. And then there was one moment in particular I liked. After the villain powers up, when the hero tries to do the same, something just makes me smile about the villain's "Yeah, fuck you. No." moment in there.

Not bad

One thing to add would be a loading screen(you know how people just /love/ loading/play screens, XD), that way the video can be restarted when it finishes instead of looping forever. Another thing to work on, well, it could be the sounds made by the guy when he's rolling along the ground, seeing as the 'hit into a rocky hill/mountain' sound is made for it. Other than that, good work.

dragonballGE responds:

i would but i dont know how 2 add a loadin screen

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3.44 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2008
2:08 AM EST