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Phoenix Wrong: MotC

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Well everyone, I say hello to all you people in "We can make our own flashes"-land. I just got Flash the other day and created my very first Flash with it. Of course... It's a Phoenix Wrong. :P

I figured PW would be the perfect way to learn the functions of Flash and get a little experience with the NG submission system. If you don't care for it, that's understandable. I'm really looking for as much constructive criticism as I can get.

Anyways, I hope you at least mildly enjoy my Phoenix Wrong. ;)

Audio Credits:
1) Invader ZIM
2) Macarron Chacarron
3) Juno
4) Simpsons
5) Demitri Martin
6) SpongeBob
7) Looney Tunes
8) Family Guy
9) Jeff Dunham

EDIT: Bleh, upon watching it on here, I notice that the sound clips on scenes 1 and 3 are absolutely atrocious. They sounded much better in the program, but for some reason are nearly unhearable on here. I will be fixing this problem soon. Sorry for that. ^.^'

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Huh...well, that was crazy :P

The beginning was bad.