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SovietBerry's rage

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I haven,t made any movies for half a year.
And I thought "how about making a movie!"
And I made this.
So Watch and Masturbate.

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This is so freakin' awesome!

Liking it

But it could be better. Try and remove the glowing effect from the B, and also get rid of the buildings in the background, as well as all the clocks in the movie. Oh, and have the B stay still , and around the center, but slightly off to the to left corner of the screen. Then it would be PERFECT!


Nice, I'm diggin this, keep up the good work and thanks for using our song =D

Not berry good for my tastes

Most of this flash, mostly the start was needless friuits and vegtables moving around. It didnt really give us an idea of what is going one even if it is something stupid like a berry we are talking about here. This was on its way to being a poor flash. You somewhat managed to redeem yourself with the little humerous fight which made some sense. At the ended where you said you wouldnt conclude this, well I think it would be great practice to finish this off. If so you need to put your points accross with some clarity. There is much to be improved but there is a lot to work from here.


this was a cute little flash the animation was abit slow but it was still entertaining and i enjoyed it, nice job.

Speed it up somewhat

Funny and cute