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Mario Wins

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Ha, It's fun to use Newgrounds to find all the old (cringy) stuff animators had made back in the day that they would rather forget. Not that this is specifically an example but you get my point.

Newgrounds is more like a archive for all the well known animators that were active on youtube and now mostly do let's plays ''cough gamegrumps couch''

I've seen many attempts of newgrounds updating the site but there's still stuff from the old newgrounds design leaking out through the ''newer'' design not everything is updated.


Fucking Funny lol fell of my seat!!!!

Khonjin responds:

I fell out of my seat

ah ahahahaha hahahahahahhaaha!

short but fun! fun:10 classic

Khonjin responds:

Thanks :D


Someone FINALLY used my music in something good! :P

Cheers to ya. =)


Khonjin responds:

So glad that you liked it :)

In response to your last reply

This, flash, was, amazing = thanks!

Khonjin responds:

you, are, totally = welcome