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River City Ransom: Turf

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Author Comments

The Enigmas are a powerful street gang that control more areas of River City than any other gang. They are heavily involved in gang politics, and this may have led to their downfall after they have kidnapped the cousin of a martial arts master. Will their gang survive this, or will they crumble under the high schooler's prowess?

This is my first Flash. Since I've been exploring this site for nigh on nine years, I found it fitting to submit it here. It was only a matter of time that this would happen.

River City Ransom was the first game I ever played, and remains to be my favorite today (along with its GBA remake). I am a rabid Kunio kun (Alex's Japanese name) fan, having downloaded numerous Japanese remakes of Technos games that never made it to America. I decided to make my first Flash a River City Ransom spoof.

As for random info - it took me around a week to finish this. It's best viewed at High quality (it's the only way the text is readable). Its FPS is 13.

Finally, I'd like to re-thank the people I mention in the Special Thanks. They made my submission possible.


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Hi there. Great work. We're looking for collaborators for our show.


Brngs back hundreds of memories filled wth joy and happiness. Technos Tournament, RCR: Epilogue, Super Mario Reloaded...

Great start!

Its funny, I dont visit NG a lot...but today I am here and check out the RCR collection and find this jewel! I also found my name in the credits and then your nickname ringed a bell. So I checked my PM's and found your messages there!
Its nice to see your first work on NG! Tho it dates from 2008.....wow man, time flies huh? But I did got around to see it in the end :)
Nice piece of RCR action in this movie! The action was solid and looked good! There's some fine sprite editing aswell, cuz the main character was nicely customized! Well done, this really shapes your movie and makes it more ya own.
Not sure if you still make movies! I am actually thinking of making one movie or more.....making a small comeback! It was so much fun creating in those days!

Improvement tip:
- Use a higher framerate (my older movies has 12fps but I use 24 fps now). Makes it more fluid.

- Roger Gargantua

Razor-Guardian responds:


Thanks loads! I just found this comment after hitting up your Facebook and stuff. The comment means a lot! If you liked this one, and if you find the time, you should see my latest flash. It's better than this one...I think. :P

Hopefully these flashes aren't cheap knock-offs of yours...after gorging myself for years with the beautiful entertainment of your movies I might have accidentally ripped off a few techniques, lol

Yeah man, your comeback is really getting me thinking about making more Flash stuff...it's an exciting prospect! I've fleshed out my characters a lot since 2008, and I think my storytelling ability has improved seeing as though I'm not 14 years old anymore, haha

But yeah man, thanks a lot! Hopefully I'm not being too overbearing or anything, haha


I love kunio kun :) you movie was great,where you find a sprite sheet? This combat is super duper hyper max nice :P

Razor-Guardian responds:

I got some of the sprites from Kevin Huff's website (he made some RCR flashes too - check em out), but others were ripped by myself, and I edited them.

Sorry for the late response.

Damn good stuff there buddy

I ddint see a problem with the frame rate as goryu said, its really great and im waiting for part 2.....i would get in contact with gargantua and get his feed back so number 2 will top this one! Great story so far and i hope number is not very far off!

Credits & Info

4.62 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2008
8:20 PM EST