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Try Before You Buy

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For my graphic design A2 course, I had to make an animation for my final piece. The animation is about a fake dating agency called Try Before You Buy.


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Really good mate, you've come a long way with your flash work! Nice voice acting aswell, you deserve top marks in graphics for this! :D

Hitman407 responds:

Thank you very much :) I think I got an A for this assignment ^.^ yay!

You sound like a GroüpX member

(That's a good thing).

Hitman407 responds:

I don't know who they are, but I'll take your word on it, thank you :)

[EDIT] I do know who they are, I just didn't recognise the name, thank you very much :D

haha! awwww......sweeet!

that was prettty damn frickin' chickin' funny!
Your mint at flash! i wana be able to do the sunset beam thingys! :D
Please make more! :D <3

Hitman407 responds:

Thanks dude :)

I'm not mint at flash, I suck at it xD

I'll try, but as this one took ages, it seems unlikely :(
However, I have a few more ideas for the Try Before You Buy range, so I might make them too.

Thanks for the comment :)

That was cute :3

In a really freaky kind of way. Theres someone for everyone, Awwww ^^ Though not heavilly graphic, it was animated well. It didnt look boring and such. Also i liked how there were gay jigsaw pieces, lols. Audio, i understood everything babes so, thats a plus side obviously. Humour, LOL. What ever man, screw reviewing everything just take my 10age and 5age.

Hitman407 responds:

Thank you very much for your nice review :3 I'm glad you spotted the gay jigsaw pieces, I added them in to show that even they have partners :D

Thanks again for the generous score ^.^

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3.49 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2008
3:04 PM EST