Rosethorne - part 3

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If you haven't watched part 1 & 2 (also on NG) please watch them, or the story won't make much sense. And if you like the cartoon at all, please take the time to vote for it (Thanks). This animation completes the short story I originally planned, but I came up w/ an ongoing story that I was thinking about doing as a web comic. Leave me a comment if you think the character is worth doing a comic about. Also, I've had tons of compaints about the audio quality. I'm considering doing my next animation w/ sound fx only and using subtitles for the dialog. Do you think people would prefer subtitles or sound that wasn't that great? Thanks for taking the time to watch.

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Okay, this is probably the best entry in the series. It was just so strange. I really have no clue what the point of that other demon was. It seemed like he was just filler. Well, it's still a freaking brilliant cartoon. It's mostly because it has a great twist ending.

You didn't make this as graphic as the last one. It was still quite disturbing, though. The voice work is absolutely fantastic. It was just great to listen to these voices. I do wonder whatever happened to that teddy bear, though.

That's what you get for screwing a demon.

That was amazing, simply amazing! More like this, but the demon's voice was a bit too deep to be believable.

Damn! She didn't see that one coming!

That was really twisted. Especially at the end, she got more than she bargain for. The best part was seeing your amazing and colorful artwork during that scene before the end. I feel sorry for that girl, but it was her choice and it cause her a lot more than her soul. Bloody good show I might add!

this is very good work

i love this its very good work

I want more

You need to make more of these. This was a great story, and I would love to see more like it. The art was very good, and totally fit the series.

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4.58 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2002
12:59 PM EST