The College Years 13

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Episode 13: 300 Thanks

This one turned out alright, not as good as I was hoping, but whatever I just wanted to tell this tale which is based on a true story. I'm not too proud of the first scene, I got really lazy with that. And I meant to add more to the shots like sparks, flames, and see them squish but I ran out of time. Hopefully you'll enjoy this thanksgiving tale anyway.

NOTE: It is not recommended to eat before, while, or after viewing this movie.


Next two will hopefully be out in December

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took a little long to get into it but wow lol. bunch a roaches and a guy fighting them to 300 sound clips and voices AWESOME! That guy needs to clean his room once in a while holy crap that was 10000 roaches against one man. impossible odds.
*oh and a side note, I noticed that the lights were on in his dorm room there and I wonder if these are radioactive roaches because they don't react to light, they were even in the light for F sake lol. Other than that little science mishap it was a good flash.

Not what I was expecting

I was thinking something more along the lines of college university or one of sorts of toons. Turns out I was wrong. Lol. Not to bad. Maybe more story line next time right? Red beard looks like he would be crack up.
Good job anyway huh?

RandomFilms responds:

They usually have a storyline, this time I felt less was more


... first thing's first. You have to speed up some of the scenes. I know you must have been going for a certain 'feel' for some part, but if you sped up the intro a little, it would be a little more enjoyable. Also, when the protagonist (college leonidas) was walking and you could see his feet, it was a little choppy. it wasn't horrible, just distracting, you know. The slowness and voice overs during the actual bug battle scene was, I think, nicely done. You could have sped it up and slowed it down in some sort of jerking rhythm to really set the spartan tone, but still it was good. Not awesome, but well done in general. One thing though: Add some interesting effects to the masses of cockroaches. Just a little difference here and there goes a long way to spice of waves upon waves of uniform (copy pasted) creatures. If you look closely professional movies do just that!

RandomFilms responds:

Good review, yeah I lost a lot of motivation and didn't really want to animate more cockroaches than I had to. And I would of had more variations in the speed but there were certain shots I wanted to do at certain times, and filling in between got difficult considering I wanted to stay cohesive and not random shots after another.


You know since it is a true story having it spoken during parties would be hilarious.
Its not bad, not bad at all.

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2.52 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2008
4:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original