Bob I: A non sense Tale

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This is the first tale about my favorite stick character, Bob!
Bob: A non sense Tale

Sorry, there is no music, neither sound, I am a totally begginer, please, forgive me!

If this submission, and Bob II, don't get blamed, I WILL SUCK MY OWN BALLS < I'll be posting a picture on my user page, I swear!

Enjoy it! If you can...



not good but deffinitely more worthy than a 1

UncleBrago responds:

Yeah, if not, it would get blamed :P


Really, i can't believe that some guys just keep random clicking to vote 5.
Oh, i don't want to offend it too, but i think it shouldn't have passed.

Well, next time, put more effort in the animation, and some music.
I hope to see more movies from you, and hope that you put more effort in these future movies. :D

See ya!

UncleBrago responds:

Thanks for reviewing, I will sure do put more effort next time, this was sort of a test of my skills, and I don't think it would have passed if I didnt write', in those big letters, the workds saying that I would suck my balls... I just didn't tell wich balls I was going to suck... Glad you have sort of an expectation for my next movies, but they surely won't come soon, as I am busy with the school, the classes are ending, and while I don't get another Flash Trial before buying it, it will take a while until you can see a new submission from me. Thank you for you spent time to review my movie, and I don't mind you think it shouldn't have passed, cos actually, I agree with you, but it's your opinion, I am here just to read reviews and respond to people :)

Try again, really.

I like your style, I like stick men, but I don't like nonsence. You should keep the style and bring more (at least little) story, perhaps a parody of SAW. The elements I've recognized were nice (animator vs animation, saw reference, simple stickmen splattering).
It is interesting to see your experiments with flash, but shouldn't be saved at NG:
1/5, 3/10 (blam, sorry).

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UncleBrago responds:

Glad that you spent some time making a constructive criticism, and I understando your point, if you don't like non sense or don't like women, that's not my problem, it's not even a problem actually. And there is a continuation, already on NG, and I already started working on the third tale, and things are not that much non sense on the third tale. Really apreciate your review, just a bit sad because of the 1/5, but that's the thing, be judged :D

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2.33 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
4:50 PM EST