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Guns of the Awesome

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[edit3] *Fuckin' A, Tom. Added to the Awesome Collection!

[edit2] *Holy mother of Snake, so many reviews! So many views! Thanks you guys, it's really awesome and supportive. I want you guys to know that I AM reading them all, but I can't possibly
comment on them all >_<'' Thanks again!

[edit] *Many thanks for the frontpage! <3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is an awesome game, but it was somehow criticized on its cinematic length. I've tried to reduce this to a level of pure awesome. I hope you guys enjoy my first drawn movie, entitled "Guns of the Awesome"!

Obviously a tribute to both the epic Egoraptor and the amazing Metal Gear Solid franchise.

There are 7 easter eggs throughout the movie! I expect you to search for them. :D

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Kojima’s an idiot for making Snake a demented grandpa.


A classic Newgrounds spoof of the Metal Gear series, So you know its probably gonna be good.

Thaaaat and it tastes like Egoraptor.

Funny stuff

So first off let me start by saying its a pleasure to see stuff like this, given that its not perfect and is not the worst either But it was Cleverly done, And there are some areas that can be worked on for improvment but. Lol well this was funny and amusing flash. it takes me back to playing those games back in the day, but as for this film it was good art design, nice voices and overall fun humor. With all that said you cando alot more with this I have made a few suggestions and I do hope they help to improve on this, now dont get me wrong you have something decent here and the effort shows but could still use a few more additions of stuff and so on, so go ahaead and give some new ideas a try. And hope to see some of those changes in the future or even on something new you may be working on.

And so this one kind of reminds me of a birthday party you can never be too sure of things, so you need to prepare, Just like in flash checking everything is a must and here are a few things that could be checked out. Hmm hard to improve on something that is very good, but if anything add more funny moments maybe even have a "BEHIND-THE-SCENES" section or even "BLOOPERS" anyways nice work.


pretty good for a egoraptor parady really liked it

rating: 5 stars

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
8:09 AM EST