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Winter Creatures

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Yeah yeah, you might think it's horrible and it hurts your eyes but it doesn't hurt mine (update: I went though puberty and now it does). I put in a cookie for no dumb reason and it doesn't go on forever. Just keep watching and there will be a surprise at the end of the nine hundred frames.

Personally, if you are reading this, I was REALLY trying to get a reward. The reward I wanted was Turd of the Week. I can't believe this didn't get it! I still can't believe this didn't get blammed.

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This doesn't just hurt my eyes,

it hurts my ears and frontal cortex. You asked for people recommend this for the Christmas collection, but the only thing I would recommend this for is the trash. Maybe if there was an actual story, less or no flashing background, and toned down music, this would be acceptable. I gave you a one, because at least you drew something and I applaud that.


that was really boring


What's this for?
I don't see anything good in that, it's only annoying.

Sorry but try to make better things.
Try to not put that background and make some story. :)


TOO MUCH FLASHING! But oddly amusing...just exnay on the flashing backgrounds...or at least warn the seizure prone people


This is seizure city. Why would you make something like that. It really hurts the eyes. I'm sorry but I couldn't watch the whole thing because my retinas were on fire!