IMPERIUM; Warhammer 40k

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An exert from Imperium, the rough cut based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe check out the full video on "Youtube" under "BlueStapleStudios" Unfortunatly it's FAR larger then 10 MBs and it was made across multiple programs so the full thing doesn't really fit this site... so i decided to upload my favorite scene from it which was completly done in Adobe Flash CS3. We hope you enjoy it and are currently working on an internet series based around Imperium, the rough cut. Stand by for trailers and updates.



I'll judge this on the full version. It's good, but needs more depth. Choosing requium was a great choice, really did wonders for the atmosphere. I found myself wondering who people were, what was really going on and so on. I think it needs speaking parts. I think you could make a great series here if you got going good. Keep it up. As for watching this bit, it's not much, but I suppose it gives you a taster.


I like the others wish this was longer, you really should do more, I love what you got just expand it. The music could have been different for sure requiem has been overused for about two years now, even if it is good.

I'm conflicted!

Your animation is good, and 40k rocks, 'nids especially. If only this sample was 10-20 seconds longer, and you found an alternative to the raped-to-death Requiem for a Dream! But overall the good outweighs the bad, so you get a 7. Good job.

This is something I'm worried about.

This is very well done and accurate looking. Go 40K!
However, such a short loop does no justice to 40K in terms of scale, story or originality. Also, I'd hope to see an original flash rather than one taken from elsewhere, even if credit has been given. I don't think that that's what NG is for. Make a new flash and impress people!

BlueStapleStudios responds:

haha that sounds like a request!
i'm just trying to have some fun
but if it's a new animation you want then trust me i've got a few in the oven ;)
but truth be told i don't have time to make a complete animation for NG so i'm just trying to get some possitive feed back on my animation (how i can make it better and so on) so i can make the next Imperium even better :)

Really cool.

What's the music?

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Nov 23, 2008
9:14 PM EST