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Cows Pooping

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A project made for school.

First thing in a long time.

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Pile of shit

Was exactly what I was expecting from this piece. The animation is basic, crude and not very deep (except in faeces)

I know that you're capable of so much more when it comes down to your animating and writing abilities, so why not give us something that is worth your time?

[Review Request Club]

Imacow responds:


Yeah, really just submitted it for fun, hopefully I can put out something better soon.

Title says it all

Well, the title says it all. One minor error here, though: There's only ONE cow pooping, the title suggests that there are at least two. I was very disappointed... :P

Well, the grapics are pretty nice, even though there's not that much to see here.
The song fits quite good to the flash. And I also liked the "pooping sound" you added.

Overall it's a very short movie, but it is quite funny. :)

{ Review Request Club }

Imacow responds:

Cows pooping sounds better :D


Animation/Graphics - Very nicely done. Smooth animation and smooth drawings. Colors were very full and everything seemed very fitting in the flash. The backgrounds, cow, the act of pooping, etc.. Pretty good all around.

Story - A very short film, but still it made me laugh. The thing is it was exactly what I thought it was going to be and for some reason it still caught me by complete surprise, which is weird since I knew it was coming. Ha, other than being so short there really isn't much more to critique here.

Audio - Nice audio here. I think the biggest reason that the whole flash caught me by surprise was because of the intensity of the noise that the pooping made. >.< Ha, I do think that you should have changed the music up a little bit though when the cow did poop to something more evil or something of the sort. Just changing it up a little bit would have sounded better in my opinion.

Overall - A very funny submission for the content that is in it. Probably deserve a little bit of a higher score than it has.

~ Review Request Club ~

Imacow responds:

Thanks, pretty low score for this. It's all about the way you present it which is pretty depressing.

Made me chuckle first time.

Given the fairly long 'intro' with a static screen and music before the cow appears, I was expecting something a bit longer.

This then falls into the category of 'made me chuckle because the shortness was a surprise'.

The sound efect was disgustingly suitable and I like the way you animate the poop as a constant flood - it looks like vomit or diorrhea!

The walk cycle could have been a lot better. Even if you couldn't be bothered to do a realistic one, having the legs move a bit more in a silly rubber-hose-type way would have maybe been visually interesting. Just now they look kinda stilted if you know what I mean.

Imacow responds:

Yeah, I added the static screen to increase the length a little and to make the music sync with the music a little better.

Thanks :D

Yeah, I didn't like the walking cycle to much either, I kinda regret not fixing that up a little.


Master Piece!

This is by far one of the best vid's ive seen in a long while. Maybe its because i never watch the videos but man, i love this video it makes me laugh every time i watch it great job!

Imacow responds: